A Church Empowered to Impact the World

Church History

On March 8, 1888 - eight brothers and sisters along with Rev. Anderson met and organized a Baptist Church. 

These brothers and sisters included the following:

· Bro. Gene Singletary

· Bro. Sam DeWalt

· Sis. Allice Adair

· Sis. Ann DeWalt

· Sis. Had DeWalt

· Sis. Mary Hicks

· Sis. Senday Singletary

These 8 people and Rev. Anderson name the church: Anderson Chapel Baptist Church.

Anderson Chapel has had a total of 18 Pastors, including our current Pastor in its 131 year history:

  1. Rev. Anderson
  2. Rev. E.L. Brown
  3. Rev. H.B. Southern
  4. Rev. A.H. Branch
  5. Rev. C.W. Thomas
  6. Rev. L.D. Davis
  7. Rev. Joe James
  8. Rev. F.P. Oliver
  9. Rev. J.F. Sargent
  10. Rev. F.D. Ford
  11. Rev. L.N. Neal
  12. Rev. Molet
  13. Rev. W.A. Trower
  14. Rev. R. Phelps
  15. Rev. M. Durgan
  16. Rev. L.R. Eath
  17. Rev. Joseph Daniels
  18. Rev. Donald Vance - our current Pastor, who accepted to be our leader on February 8, 2015 and for that we are grateful! 

Anderson Chapel has ordained approximately 30 Deacons. Some of them include the following:

  1. Dea. Charley Adair
  2. Dea. Sam DeWalt
  3. Dea. Gene Singletary
  4. Dea. Tom Turner
  5. Dea. George Adair
  6. Dea. Sam Bailey
  7. Dea. Tom Flenoury
  8. Dea. Bozy Ward
  9. Dea. O.Z. Whisby
  10. Dea. Cleveland Williams
  11. Dea. Menson
  12. Dea. Albert DeWalt
  13. Dea. Jake Bailey
  14. Dea. Herbert Mathis
  15. Dea. Robert Banks
  16. Dea. Pete Spiller
  17. Dea. L.D. Eleby
  18. Dea. James DeWalt
  19. Dea. Jim Brown
  20. Dea. Sam Petties
  21. Dea. L.C. Williams
  22. Dea. Robert Dosie
  23. Dea. Ronald Daniels
  24. Dea. Vincent Crew Sr. - our current Deacon, who was ordained on March 26, 2017

And a number of these brethren have been called to preach the Gospel.

Anderson Chapel also had several Church Secretaries, some including:

  • Sis. Inez Grimes
  • Sis. B. DeWalt
  • Sis. Rosemary DeWalt
  • Sis. Louise Anderson
  • Rev. Sam Petties
  • Sis. Jessie DeWalt
  • Sis. Marva Eleby - our current Secretary

Over the years, Anderson Chapel also had many great Musicians:

  • Sis. Jessie Slade
  • Sis. Sargent
  • Sis. Linda Vance
  • Sis. Dorothy Johnson
  • Sis. Dale McGee
  • Bro. Clarence Moore
  • Sis. Juarine Robinson
  • Sis. Hettie Shotwell - who played for our Sunday School
  • Sis. Myra Daniels
  • Sis. Ira Daniels

Anderson Chapel has had the misfortune of 2 places of worship to burn down to the ground. Once across the branch, east of this location, and also in our current location. 

In conclusion, Anderson Chapel has stood the test of the ages and has come out victorious. Our prayers is that this church may always stand for what is Right, Pure and Holy through Faith in God.